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Dr. Esther Chon, PhD, EdM, [PSY24817] is a licensed clinical psychologist providing trauma-informed psychological services

Soul Food: Nurturing Relationships Feed Our Souls

~Dr. Esther

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Little and Large

Parenting consultations

Parenting consultations may be used to gain a deeper understanding of child development, clarify or build your parenting strategies, de-mystify challenging behaviors children may display, confirm that your parenting style is a good fit for your child's needs and temperament. 

Parenting consultations can be a one-time session or on-going, depending on your needs. 

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Child Therapy

We are currently full and unable to take new child therapy cases.  Please check back at a later time for updates. 


Dr. Esther is extensively trained in child development, brain development and parent/caregiver - child relationship building.  She provides therapy in a trauma-informed, relationally safe way to get to the issues at hand. The goal is to improve parent-child relationships, outcomes for the child, and to increase parental confidence.  Some of the issues

addressed include:

  • Challenging behaviors, meltdowns, outbursts

  • Anxiety, fears, developmental concerns

  • Trauma or highly stressful incidents experienced by either the parent(s) or the child and is impacting the relationship, including medical trauma, school bullying, family loss, mental illness, etc.


Adult Psychotherapy

Different therapeutic modalities are utilized, depending on the goals of treatment, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, relationship and attachment based and psychosomatic therapies. Trauma-informed parts work or inner child work are also utilized to address developmental or complex traumas.  EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is often used as it is a well-researched, effective modality for a range of issues, including trauma (find out more about EMDR here).  

Some issues I can help with include:

  • Improving self esteem/identity 

  • Depression and/or Anxiety/Panic Attacks

  • Trauma processing

  • Grief and Loss

  • Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders/Postpartum Depression

  • Relationship/family dynamics issues

  • BIPOC experiences/racial trauma

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We are currently full and unable to take new evaluation cases. Please check back at a later time for updates.

Comprehensive psychological evaluations that are wholistic and trauma-informed are provided to answer a myriad of questions about brain functioning and its expressions in multiple settings such as home, school, work, and social situations. Some issues addressed include ADHD, Giftedness, Learning Differences, Dyslexia, Autism, among others. 
Please contact us for more details.

About Dr. Esther Chon

About Me

Dr. Esther Chon is a licensed, clinical psychologist providing trauma-informed psychotherapy and comprehensive psychological evaluations. 


She has extensive training and experience working with adults and children across systems including hospitals, schools, community mental health agencies and private practice. 


Her work is informed by psychodynamic theory, neuropsychology, relationship-based psychotherapy, attachment research, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychosomatic theories and trauma-informed care.   She provides psychotherapy for both children and adults based on the belief that our  relationships and experiences during critical developmental stages impact our brain connections and therefore influence how we interact with others, ourselves, and our world.  That doesn't mean you'll spend years in therapy rehashing old memories...information about your critical experiences helps Dr. Esther understand how best to navigate therapy to effectively meet your current goals.

She is passionate about helping individuals learn to find joy, harness their inner power and experience freedom from possibly unhelpful or ineffective patterns of thinking, feeling and relating. 

In addition to working with individuals, Dr. Esther also enjoys working with parents of children of all ages, providing guidance that fits their parenting style and goals.  She helps parents understand their child's unique love language and learn how to respond so  as to decrease the likelihood of power struggles, problem behaviors and increase independence, cooperation,  positive connection and ultimately help  children thrive .  Dr. Esther has specialized training and experience in working with parents who are considering starting a family, has experienced a loss or a difficult experience during the pregnancy and birth process, including perinatal mood  and anxiety disorder or postpartum depression. 

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